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The Enthusiasm Flower

October, 2020


Do you feel tired and worn out? Do you lack energy and enthusiasm to begin the day? Procrastinate?

You wake up in the morning more tired than when you went to bed, wake up with the Monday morning feeling.

Hornbeam helps to recover your energy, vitality, spontaneity, and to think about your routine with a zest. 


The Fearlessness Flower

October, 2020

Are you afraid of the dark? Being alone? Height, animals?

Do you fear particular circumstances, a place, job, or position? Do you imagine everything to be more complicated than it is? Are you shy, timid, blush easily?

Mimulus remedy is for known fears, everyday fears. Mimulus remedy gives confidence and courage to face life's everyday problems without shying away because of nervousness or timidity.


The Tolerance Flower

October, 2020

Are you critical, always finding fault in others, seeing only the negative side of things? Do you complain about others? Does unimportant stuff inconvenience you. Are you rigid and strict with others demanding order discipline and correctness? 

Beech remedy will help you gain wisdom and understanding, common sense to be open-minded, accept, and respect other's points of view relating to their strengths and weaknesses.