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 Benefits of Calmness

It will materially  help to set apart a short time each day to think quietly of the beauty of peace and the benefits of calmness, and to realise that it is neither by worrying nor hurrying that we accomplish most, but by calm, quiet thought and action become more efficient in all we undertake. To harmonise our conduct in this life in accordance with the wishes of our own Soul and to remain in such a state of peace that the trials and disturbances of the world leave us unruffled, is a great attainment indeed and brings to us that Peace which passeth understanding; and though at first it may seem to be beyond our dreams, it is in reality, with patience and perseverance, within the reach of us all.  - Edward Bach- 

For those who are sick, peace of mind and harmony with the Soul is the greatest aid to recovery.

 The Essential Writings of Dr. Edward Bach                                                                                     Heal Thyself