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One day in the late autumn of 1996, Milka found herself browsing at the local book store where the book “Bach Flower Remedies” caught her attention. She immediately began reading the book and was fascinated by Dr. Edward Bach, who discovered that flowers balance emotions and promote both physical health and personal well-being, helping one achieve peace of mind.

Since then, Milka has been actively involved in learning, teaching, and sharing her knowledge about flower remedies. It was a magical moment back in the book store. Milka was moved and her life changed forever. Her favorite thing about being a Bach Practitioner is being able to connect with people who can benefit from flower remedies and connect with their inner selves.

Milka and her husband, Jose, live in the wonderful Sunshine State—Florida. She loves to read about psychology and human nature. In her free time, she enjoys long walks and practices origami.